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our mission

our mission At takoda equine is that we believe  every life is valuable.
All of the animals here are partners in helping us create a healthy balanced life.
Takoda Equine Assisted Learning is specifically geared towards helping people to create a relationship with One Of The herd. preferably the one who chooses you.

 This connection offers unconditional support and love without judgment as their natural abilities to communicate  to the things we don’t acknowledge even to ourselves.

behind the name

Our story behind the name. Takoda is a Native American name.  It's Sioux , meaning Friends With Everyone.
Pronunciation:  Taa-KowD-ah
The Sioux Nation Called their horses Takoda as it complimented the horses senses and the bond between the Horse and rider.

behind our mission

meet diane
With a passion and purpose, Diane Murray embarked on her journey to become a Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning facilitator.
she came to realize she had already been holding space to allow others to walk their personal healing and discovery journeys to a better lifestyle.
Also In 2011 Diane opened her home for specialized care as a foster parent with Nairn Family Homes. She offers a loving, supportive home focusing primarily on acceptance (of self and others), attachment, self-awareness and resiliency. 

Our mission is The relationship built among client, facilitator and horses develops the client’s sense of self, strengths and supports. The engagement with horses in the herd enlivens and nourishes a sense of joy of life by awakening a sense of self, being mindful and making decisions. Allowing the body to ground, slow down, relax, and build tolerance,  clients develop clear boundaries and build capacity for healthy relationships.

meet the herd!

diva star

Diva Star

Stands 15 HH and weighs approximately 900 Lbs.  As her name suggests she likes to have things her own way.  She wants attention when she wants attention and she will come in when she is ready.   She was also born in 2010 , she is mostly black with a few small white spots and white socks. She joined our herd in 2012



Is our smallest standing 12 HH and definitely the fluffiest of all the horses.  In the winter it looks like she almost doubles in size with her winter coat.  Born in 2000 in Maryhill Ontario, she joined our herd in 2009 coming to us as a teacher and confidence builder for the children.  She has since been retired as a riding horse and is semi retired to FEEL work.



Stands 14 HH and weighs approximately 800 lbs and he chose his own name.  He joined our herd in Oct 2017 bought from an auction we did not know what his name was and tried on several different names none that he liked, then one day a visitor called him Dudley, and he perked right up and cam over to us nodded his head to let us know that he liked it. Born in 2000 he is registered with the Canadian Morgan horse association as a bay.

Love bug

Love bug

Is the largest of the herd she is 15.3 HH and weighs approximately 1200 Lbs.  As her name suggests she is one that enjoys human company as well as the other horses.  She is one of the first to greet you at the gate or door.  Born in May 2010 in Lindsay Ontario, registered with the American Quarter horse Association as a blood bay. Joined our herd in Jan 2018.

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I highly recommend your equine program to anyone at any age!

You can never stop having fun and learning all at once. Fun adventures and learning will open their eyes, spirit, and souls. 

My time with you is always priceless and I look forward to more of your spiritual equine program!

Joyce Meyer 

Before beginning the FEEL experience, my family was struggling with various traumas, grief and lacked healthy coping skills. At our initial assessment session with Diane and her colleague Tori, we immediately knew that this learning was what our family needed to get back to healthy relationships and effective communication. We are enjoying the family sessions, as well as one-on-one sessions. My son, 9 years old, feels re-empowered and more confident to speak up for himself, he was impacted greatly by the dysfunction that was happening around him and in our home.

Fran Davis

I have always loved horses but have had some serious fears due to my own childhood experiences, but now with Diane's help, I am building the confidence that enables me to bond with her horses. Her male horse Dudley, pony Roxy, and two mares - Star and Bug- have reminded us of the family dynamics that we value.